Mural painted  in the Posada Léon de Jovel, Calle Francisco Leon #35, San Cristobal de las Casas - CHIAPAS - Mexico

I arrived here at the posada Léon de Jovel, in San Cristobal de Las Casas, around the first week of October 2010. The owners, Pancho and Nicola, just opened its doors to the tourists. When we started visiting the posada, I realized how many white walls there were here. None was painted... I felt like: Oh gosh! I'm living in a dream. Imagine if all these were mine? As soon as Nicola knew that I'm a painter, she asked me to choose a wall and make a mural that represented the image of a jungle... I thought: WOW! Thanks! They just gave me a gift. Finally, an entire wall just for me and total freedom to express myself, the way I wanted. I was even more delighted to paint something about the jungle, nature, plants, animals, insects, flowers, vines...
As always, to me, every time I have to start a new painting, whether it's a canvas or a wall, I feel like sinking into the abysseness of white, like a huge hand grabbing my guts! Suddenly I say: Stop thinking! Do it!

And this is what I did. I sat in front of the white wall and watched it from a distance. I got up and down the stairs, walked slowly starting to play with my open hand across its surface ... With eyes closed I started to let out the first images that should be also the first ideas that would inspire me to make the final art work.
In less than 4 hours I had drawn, on my sketchbook, pictures and drawings that have been inspired by my first trip to Palenque. In fact, this particular perspective, came from my hours of contemplation in the jungle where, walking alone on the hidden paths among the ruins, I was surprised with my wide eyes open to see the majesty of trees bring my gaze towards infinity. Then the plants coming down from them... everything that followed up was pure dream and perceptions of an invisible magical world in the rainforest.
I then said to myself: Let's start to draw with that and let's see what else will come out. Everything else is just the result of encounters, dreams, insights, visions, feelings... everything goes well as the imagination flows naturally and it's not interrupted or interferred by unnecessaries thoughts. When creating, mind and heart have to stay united and tuned into a pure state of graceness. The artist become itself the tool of the creation. Whether you're a musician, a poet, a dancer or a cook.

Another important feature of this work is the importance to me of having revealing nights while I'm in a creative process. The night is a special moment in life, because is the time of the day when we penetrate into the world of dreams. Dream is the place where Los Espiritos,  our ancestors, talk to us, give us messages, visions... Painting by night is for me the opportunity to absorb the silence of the night to hearing the voices of the hidden worlds that I'm painting. I often like to say that if the day light helps me see things well, at night I have a better vision. Perspective, volumes, shadows cahnge... and what I do is simply accentuate them with colored strokes. In fact, you won't never see the same painting in different moments of the day.

And honestly, I really prefer when people watch my art at night more than during the day...

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