Featuring Angelina Martinez Miranda - one of the many influential traditional midwives in Mexico. Angelina inherited three generations of midwifery knowledge directly from her mother and grand mother. I lived in Angelina's house and all her family for a week while travelling in Mexico in 2010. There I could record many natural childbirths and see the way she lived and worked with women, babies and all the people in the community of Temixco, in the province of Cuernavaca, Morelos. One day, I met Azucena, a young and brave mexican woman that was about to give birth to her first son. She asked me to record her childbirth and to make a movie as a souvenir of that moment... After 6 months I made this documentary titled Born in Mexico - The day I became a mother. (The DVD is no longer available to purchase unless you order a minimum of 50 copies for your birthcenter or community)

DVD5 - Full Color HD  Size: 16:9 Time: 73" Audio: Stereo Dolby Digital

Original Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Français / Italiano / English

Menu Extra: Post Partum Interview with Azucena and Angelina Martinez + Diaporama



"The whole movie Maurizio is very tasteful, delicate, artistic, heartfelt, respectful and honorable for all parties, as well as being a well done movie. I'm really excited about it.  I'd love to share it with my home birth mothers." Sally Cooper - Certified Heart & Hands Doula (California)


"This film is a work of art and a labor of love. In terms of film-making, what impacted me the most was the way the music and the images so gracefully weaved together the emotional content of the film. I especially love the power of the community of supporting women, such as the midwife and her several assistance, who surround Azucena, during her childbirth. It reminds me of the importance of women's solidarity and women's circles of support as an essential part of childbirth. Seeing this film gave me more faith in myself as a woman and a giver of life. All women thinking about natural childbirth (or just curious about the power of natural childbirth) must see this film." Stephanie Bifolco - Yoga Teacher (New York)

"Thanks so much for all your help. I picked up the video from Niko after attending a beautiful water birth in hospital. I was able to watch your video today and love that it is in Spanish. It will be great for some of our clients to be able to have a video in their native tongue. It was great to see such a true representation of what labor is like. I loved seeing Lina at work and watching the laboring mom go through the many different emotions she experienced. Every pregnant mom should watch this! Thanks for taking the time to make such an amazing video." Heidi Louise Coughlin, RN, RM Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) HOPE Midwives www.hopemidwives.ca


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Votre argent est un investissement dans des actions humanitaires concrètes


Un livre magnifique autant au niveau des illustrations que du texte sur l'empathie et les relations simples et bienveillantes, sans rapport de force, sans prédominance ...


J’adore j’adore j’adore, bravo à toi Mão pour ce magnifique bébé que tu as mené à terme. Tout est tellement beau dans les illustrations dans le poème la sensibilité qui n’est pas dans le compliqué mais justement pour une fois dans la simplicité!!! Et cela que ce soit dans illustrations principale ou dans le fond toutes ces couleurs font du bien.

Merci pour ces magnifique poème et j’attend avec impatience la suite

Une lectrice Bookcrossing

Très beau livre. Les illustrations sont superbes. Ce livre mérite qu'on prenne le temps de regarder au delà des images car le monde qui s'y trouve est incroyable. L'histoire, simple et touchante, parle à tout le monde. On s'y retrouve forcément, dans un personnage ou l'autre. Je souhaite un beau voyage à ce livre qui je l'espere, et j'en suis sure, ravira les yeux des lecteurs. Je lui souhaite de voyager loin!


Un livre exceptionnel à VIVRE avec des "enfants" de tout age!



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